Sometime in early Spring 2005 I bought the domain name, DeLaredo.Com and I began a small website focusing on some local poets. I must have gotten about 13 hits on that site, most of them coming from my girlfriend at the time. However, it was one of my first websites that I actually updated on a semi-regular basis.Also, I had some videos that I shot and edited of the George Washington Charade up on there, along with other silly stuff.

For some reason or another, I did not renew the site after the first year and I lost the domain name. I guess I got bored after a while and I moved on to other things. A while back, I noticed someone else bought my old domain name and is running a site under, DeLaredo.Com and it actually looks nice and fancy. So, in the interest of nostalgia, stop on by and visit their site. Be a pal.


Que Fregados said…
There is no confusing you two, though. is all Spanish focused on activities in Nuevo Laredo mainly. And you are on my blogroll list :)

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