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she "had to sneak into my room, just to read my diary..."

My favorite Morissey song is "SuedeHead". I've got no idea what the lyrics are about, but its an infectious beat I rather enjoy. The song reminds me of "Elena", this one person I used to date back in the day. I ran into her at the Super S today and it was rather odd. The scene itself was surreal. Awkward really. I spoke briefly to her. Nothing major, just about the weather. As she spoke all I could think about was the lyrics of "SuedeHead". I can't stand her. It's a great little song, though.

Please remind me not to walk into Super S again. Live and learn.


BT Blues said…
Hey, here's a reminder: don't go to Super S!
lusy said…
but see if we remind you then you will never learn, it's better to live and learn so that you can let go and move forward, be greatful for what you have now.

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