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Six things I want to do this year

I know that it's a bit late for New Year's resolutions, but heck, I've been busy this past month. I've been here and there, just getting things done. However, there are several things on my to do list this year, that I have been putting off, but no more! Yes sir, its a new me and a new beginning. So, here are several of the things on my list that I will hopefully get a chance to do.

DeLaredo's List of things to do in 2010:

6) Visit the TAMIU planeterium.
I have been meaning to go to the planetarium to take my daughter, but everytime we're on our way, something comes up. When it's not one thing its another. We finally get something really neat and educational, here in Laredo, and we need to take advantage of it. I'm totally going before the end of the moment.

5) Buy a Republic of the Rio Grande flag
As you prolly don't know, I'm very Laredo proud. What other way to show off my Laredo and south Texas pride, than to fly the colors of our Rio Grande republic, the old red, white and black. According to Wikipedia, the short-lived republic lasted from January 17 to November 6, 1840. Good times, I'm sure they were. This year, I'll hop down to the Rio Grande museum downtown and wave the flag, proudly, outside my house. Feel free to do the same. We can start a trend, then a rebellion, cede from the union and elect Sarah as our president. I like tea anyway.

4) Hold a demonstration against WBCA Ol' George Parade
There's just no going around it, the WBCA is plain Evil, with a capital E. WBCA's events are bad history, terrible geography and have a misplaced sense of nationalism. The whole darn spectacle makes Laredo look ridiculous and the inaccurate geography makes us look foolish. Sure it's a great way for the elite to show off their wealth and splurge on overly expensive gowns, but someone has to have a demonstration against this racial nonsense. I love ol' George and I love the US, but I'm not too sure he wouldn't enslave me if he were around today. So, if you want to participate in my demonstration against the WBCA and all its evilness, raise your hand and sign up. I'll pass you a beret.

3) Blog about Laredo's best beer run
I've been meaning to do it for a while now, but I always end up doing something else. I want to drive around town and blog about the local beer runs and drive thru's and review each one. Which has the best selection of beer? Which one has the best hoochie girls in skimpy skirts? Which one are you less likely to get shot at? All vital questions I always ask myself. Stick around and I'll get to it.

2) Go to a Buck's game
I laughed out loud when I first heard hockey was coming to Laredo. "It won't catch on", the skeptics cried. Shockingly, it's still going strong. Too bad I've never been to a game. I'm a terrible Laredoan. In truth, I'd rather go to a Bronco's game, but they just don't win. The Buck's had a winner right out the gate, winning championships and endearing themselves to the fans. I never jumped on the bandwagon, but maybe I'll make time this month and catch a game. Hockey in the desert? Who would've thought?

1) Attend the Great Washington Parade
Don't throw tomatoes at me, but I've never been to the grand parade. The entire thing has always seemed silly to me. But the Washington Parade puts Laredo on the map. It's the event of the season. The entire city stops, just for this parade. Even yours truly, has gotten the day off from work, because of this damn thing. It's a local holy day, a day of reckoning. If the Magi were around today, they'd travel here, specifically for this grand festive day. Sure the WBCA is evil. Sure it's racially divisive and horrendous in its geographical capacity, but its a day of fun, of family, of food. Its a day of floats and ferries, with no need to fight and cry foul. This year I'm going to do it! By golly, this year I'm going to the parade and I'm gonna like it! You with me? Sign up and join me at the tailgate party during the parade. It's time we do some live blogging from the biggest event of the year!!!


KeyRose said…
Tailgating and live blogging? I'll drink to that!
quefregados said…
I've done them all except the beer run critiques... I don't drink and I would prefer hooch-men instead of hoochies. Not bad for a non-Laredo native :)

Hmmm, maybe I should blog about it since I have pictures of them all. Just kidding, just kidding.
rick78 said…
Yeah tailgating grilling fajitas drinking beer just like the founding fathers did.

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