I'm a terrible Laredoan

I feel just plain awful. All this WBCA events are happening around me and I'm missing them all. The Jamboozie came and went. I missed it. The Menudo Bowl too, and I missed that as well.

How can I pretend to blog about the events that occur around this town if I'm never attending anything? How can I expect to increase visitors to my blog, if I don't post anything with any substance? Why should I not be surprised that no one cares about my blog? How can I keep up with La Sanbe, Keyrose and his endless army of bloggers? These are questions that will fester in my head. And you thought I didn't care about his town. You were soooo wrong.


rick78 said…
Hey man your blog is cool .Do not keep up with La Sanbe like BT Blues tried to do . Your style is cool and really you are not missing much on WBCA bull.

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