Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zombie in Laredo (film)

Searching for cool stuff on youtube, I stumbled across a neat little horror video that some local HS kids slapped together. The video has the look as if it were put together, hastily, on some randomly lazy Sunday afternoon. The editing is amateurish, the acting is horrendous and the make-up effects is downright atrocious, nonetheless, this five minute short film does manage to entertain, especially in the first minutes. Toward the end, the film starts to drag and run out of steam, but not before managing to get some chuckles out of this reviewer.

As someone that is trying to make an amateur horror film, I was quite impressed by this little awkward film "Quitate! Ahhhhh" (LOL)

Seconds 35 to 55 are the funniest stuff from the clip. I don't know why it didn't go on a local viral outbreak, like the much beloved 'dale shine' girls, but there are moments of sheer silliness that makes this short zombie-horror-black comedy a surprisingly bearable hit.

Zombie in Laredo

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