Monday, August 10, 2009

Casablanca Lake Pool Abandoned

Recently, I was invited to a 'carne asada' over at Casablanca Lake on some random hot Tuesday afternoon. It had been a while since I visited our treasured local lake and a scene caught my attention. I had never noticed that there is an abandoned pool located by the main entrance, off toward the left behind the tennis courts.

By the looks of it, it has been left to decay for years now, but I'm not too sure what the reason for this tragedy might be. Did someone mysteriously and sadly drown here back in 85'? Was the high cost of pool maintenance no longer cost-effective? Do people prefer to swim in the dirty lake than in the dirty pool? What gives? Why let the pool rot? With the high cost of lake admission, one would think that there would be enough resources to keep the place properly maintained. Next time you go to the lake and you hand them your $4.00 per person admission fee, ask why the pool was shut down, or maybe someone out there in Laredo land knows.


BT Blues said...

It's funny you should highlight that pool.

A friend and I were just discussing that very topic a few days ago at a local watering hole on San Bernardo.

That pool was the coolest in the "kiddom" mind of an 11-12 year old since it was sparsely attended (due to the distance).

Either way, I always thought pools should be maintained not merely marginalized in the Gateway City.

BT Blues said...

By the way, you never posted on the outcome of your date last week.

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