Monday, August 10, 2009

Milk in Vienna to appear on CarrotHead soundtrack

The local Laredo band, Milk in Vienna, has agreed to have one of their songs appear on our short film. The song that will appear during the final credits is titled, "It ain't love" and it can be found on their debut EP, "Open Fire!".

MIV jumped on the chance of having their awesome music heard by countless hundreds of people who will watch and enjoy (maybe even vomit) our much anticipated short flick. CarrotHead promises to be the best movie since Rosemary's Baby (or at least the best movie since The Pod People from Idaho). Production is still underway and key film sequences are currently undergoing redesigns that have pushed back the film's debut to sometime around early September. But don't fret. The world-class cast that we have assembled is pouring out their heart into the project and it will be extremely evident in the final finished product.

Once complete, we will be hosting a red-carpet, invitation only, fancy smanshy, rented-tux only premier, complete with Presidente brandy for everyone. Cuz hey, that's just how no-name Laredo film makers roll. So keep your eyes shut and your ears folded in anticipation of more news from the movie that is sure to have all of Laredo shaking their heads in embarrassment and 'unbelief'.

There is even talk of having 80's B-movie scream queen Linnea Quigley do a cameo appearance because after all she is the best actress of her generation (Her movie, 1981's Don't Go Near the Park, was the best movie eeveer!) Curiously, her agent has not returned our phone calls, but we won't sweat the small stuff, for we have plan B in case Miss Quigley is "unavailable due to previous contract agreements". If she fails to come through, then Lina Santos, the 80's Mexican C-movie hottie star can fill in just nicely. So, changuitos and keep your eyes shut.

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