Thursday, January 5, 2012


The mid to late 1990s would have been a disaster for me if it had not been for the zany antics and outrageous dissection of my most beloved scary movies by horror hound, Joe Bob Briggs. Mr. Briggs was the host of one of my most cherished TV shows, Monstervision.

The show would air on TNT during Saturday nights and would usually broadcast some of the most awesome horror movies ever filmed. It was due to this awesome show, and Joe Bob's endless trivia and background information, that I began to fall in love with movies that are filled with mindless plots.

Below you can watch a video of Monstervision broadcasting a Friday the 13th sequel and with Joe Bob Briggs doing his usual redneck persona. I miss the 90s.


BTW, Joe Bob Briggs was even better on another show, Drive-in Theater, but I only caught that show when I would visit my cousin's house, since he had premium cable. Check him out here as he introduces "The Evil Dead", positively my most favorite movie eeeeever.

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