On this particular Monday

   It was a bit before the noon hour when I finally made my way across town. The usual traffic congestion on McPherson was not a nuisance as on other days.

On this particular Monday, I had been invited by an old friend to Mass and then our for some lunch. Since my office was closed in observance of the holiday and also because I very much wanted to see her, I accepted the invitation.

"Church on a weekday?" I asked her somewhat perplexed by her phone invitation. "Do they even have mass on Mondays?" I continued in vain, hoping she would alter the invite to a different place.

It had been over ten years since I last saw *****, and I had lost all contact with her up until two weeks ago when a mutual friend of ours gave her my number. Days later, she sent me a text.

The last time we had seen each other, was a tough day for me. We had a big fight over something stupid and it ended everything we had.

Earlier in the day, I had promised to pick her up from her  house, so as I pulled into Santa Rita Subdivision, I began to remember all the silly things we had done in 2002. Memories began to flood inside of me and all I could hear was La Firma singing "Ojala", repeatedly thundering inside my ears, as if it was some medieval torture device.

As she opened the door to let me in, I recalled exactly why I was so much fixated by her beauty. Maybe that cliche is true, life does come around in a full circle.

She smiled at me and said my name, a name I had not heard in years. And instantly, all was forgiven.



Anonymous said…
OJALA.... =P

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