Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Death of Heaven's Scent

It seems as if all the businesses I used to frequent in the 1990s are slowly  shuttering down and giving way to the inevitable, no doubt victims of the WalMart effect.

Over two years ago, I wrote a quick obituary to the video store of my adolescence, The Movie Palace. This business was located close to the Loop and Zapata Hwy. intersection. I can still fondly recall the many times that I perused throw the aisles of this venerable temple, searching for my favorite horror schlock on VHS. Sadly, the Movie Palace closed down several years ago. Now it turns out, another of the locally-owned businesses that I would frequent back in the day, has also shut down its doors, after years of serving customers.

All through the 90s, Heaven's Scent floral shop served many customers throughout the south side. I was one of them. Every birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation Day, or funeral that I had back then, it was Heaven's Scent shop that filled my flower needs. I must have spent over $800 dollars in flowers and arrangements there. Sadly, driving by there recently, I noticed they had closed down. I guess no one believes in love anymore. Heaven's Scent is just the latest casualty. I should by them flowers out of respect, right?

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KeyRose said...

Florists slowly going the way of the barber.

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