Monday, October 17, 2011

Restaurants Gone By

Over at Laredo's Most Imposing Blog, KeyRose laments the passing of another restaurant in Laredo, the once prominent, Glass Kitchen.

Glass Kitchen was once a staple in Laredo from the high school and college crowds. Even adults always longed for the unique burgers and homemade taste of fries. But, as KeyRose notes, that is in the past now.

I thought about the same thing when I drove past Cotulla's restaurant on McPherson a while back. I snapped a pic and didn't really think about it until now. Once upon a time, Cotullas was the place to be on a Sunday morning. Politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and even presidential hopefuls once paid a visit to the Laredo eatery.

But no longer.

The restaurant business is fickle in Laredo that's for sure. One day its the place to be and the next day they are closing shop.

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