Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laredo Taco Shack

Now, this is what im talking about. Laredo at its absolute best. Who needs fine dining? Whenever I get the munchies, I run over to this superb taqueria, for it has it all. Great food, great decor and awesome view of the whizzing traffic. If im not mistaken, this establishment is located over by and behind the "Super S Foods" on Clark. So next time you get hungry head on over to this loncheria. I just might run into you, and if I do, your buying!


Alex said...
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Alex said...


This is one of the all-time best pics on so many levels.

Obviously the shack itself is classic Laredo. But the real beauty lies in the subtleties.

For instance, I love--I mean, I really love--that huge ass vent fan on top of the taqueria shack. (the circuit breaker leaning to one side is an added touch.)

You could then move on to the burglar wire on all the windows and openings. Classic.

The PVC piping is pretty interesting too.

The foam "Texas" ice chest leads the viewer of this photo to remain in awe of the establishment, not quite sure whether it is Mexican or a hybrid Tex-Mex establishment. For instance, if you happen to be a flag-pin on your lapel type of guy who is not so sure of the Mexican population on the border (hello Lou Dobbs), you see the ice chest with the Texas flag and you are immediately reassured.

The seating is pretty cool, in my opinion.

The coup de grace is the menu sign written with black marker on colored posterboard. For some odd reason, I think that it is the same guy who makes the signs for the various garages, raspa stands, and other assorted businesses throughout the Gateway City. At least I think so because the handwriting all looks the same, kind of like my jefa's.

Nice job.

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