Monday, January 6, 2014

Jingle at the H.E.B.

It was that time of the year once more--braving the crowds of angry paisanos and disgruntled Laredoans at our local H.E.B.'s.  Naturally with so much savings at stake, it was expected to be a harsh and difficult endevour, one which could result in bloodshed if something went wrong.

Naturally, all went well for your faithful narrator as he made his way to the HEB El Mercado in the midst of the holiday rush.  I stood in awe of the HEB efforts to capitalize on the Christmas craze, particularly their heavy use of Christmas iconography.  But, it was not surprising to be sure.

There were bargains aplenty throughout the store.  DVDs at low, low prices or the traditional fare to make tamales.  

Some of us bloggers have fallen on harder times and thus required a little help to convert our spare change into something tangible.

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