Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vamos a Laredo

Back in the days when visiting Nuevo Laredo was a care-free activity, I had an older brother that would take me along with him cruising every section of that city. I had just moved to Laredo, TX and I was already an ardent fan of the scorching Laredo sun. In those days, we drove around Nvo. Laredo, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights, bumping his music over his loud speakers and proclaiming our youthful exuberance with the tackiest music my ears had ever had to withstand.

One such song we always heard, for whatever ungodly reason, was a pissy little cumbia tune by a crappy local Nuevo Laredo grupo, "Vamos a Laredo". I'm not sure I understand what would ever possess my older brother to blast this song endlessly over his stereo.

This was sometime in late 1992. Maybe it was all the dirty Nuevo Laredo tap water we had drank that entire summer or maybe it was our lack of music appreciation. Whatever the case, we heard that song so much, I cringe to recall those days of destruction.

Coming back from a very quick trip to downtown Nuevo Laredo this past week (against my better judgement), and while waiting in the long line at bridge, a good cousin of mine popped in a CD that contained that vile song my brother used to play so loud and proud that it would scare the dead six feet deeper underground. I immediately recognized the wacky keyboard and jingly guitar. My feet began tapping and my hands started clapping and I could barely resist the overpowering urge to get off his truck and dance with whoever had the courage to stand with me.

I blame the scorching Laredo sun on this. Damn it's hot out there!

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