Still Standing

I have been seriously neglecting my blog for the past two weeks and I don't have a good excuse for it, other than to say I did believe the world was coming to a screeching end this past Saturday. Nonetheless, since humanity did not bite the dust as expected, I am here once again bringing you the latest news of my sad little corner of Laredo (shout out to all my Calton Rd. peeps!).

Things are coming and going and Laredo is whizzing by me in every twisted direction. I'm having some trouble finding my boots. No, JK I don't wear boots, only when I dream of my myself at the annual Rattlesnake Roundup. In my dream I'm battling snakes with my bare hands and then I run them over with my Ford 350 4 x 4. After, I make belts for all the neighborhood children (What up Santo Nino neighborhood). I always wanted a large brass belt buckle. They'd go great with my British Knight shoes.

Don't hate on my BK's


BT Blues said…
Era tiempo DL. No seas slacker . . .
DeLaredo said…
LOL. I know pero ser slacker no es solo mi hobby es mi natural gift.

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