Thursday, April 15, 2010

No esperes que manana vuelva

No esperes que mañana vuelva porque no lo haré!

It was sometime in late 1990 or early 1991 and I was down visiting my cousins in Laredo. At the time,I had a Sony Walkman Cassette that I carried everywhere and my primo let me borrow his copy of La Mafia's tape, 'Con tanto amor'.

I heard the track 'No lo Hare' for the first time that summer, and since then I was hooked. I hadn't heard that cassette in close to 20 years, but behold the power of the internet and semi-illegal file sharing, I ran across a digital copy of it.

I remember 1991 and me walking down the south-side of Laredo, walkman in my ears, with the wind in my face, sun on my back and enjoying being 12 years old. Good times, good times.

(disclaimer: I did not upload this myself. Downloading music illegally is not good, friends.)

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Anonymous said...

I love "La Mafia" brings back memories

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