Sunday, April 4, 2010

La Coneja at the ranch

Well, la coneja finally passed and I must say I actually had a fair enough time alongwith my friends and family. Not like past conejas, of like say, 1993, but good enough. Cascarrones, confetti, pinatas, carnes, cheves, yes it was good all around.

We didn't go very far either to have our celebration, just a wanky park around the corner from our house. Still, we had our share of fun under the Easter sun.

So many people I know went to the 'ranch' for Easter Sunday, and I guess I'm just bitter and jealous, but you know that like everyone else in this town, when they say they are going to the "ranch", they really just mean a barren, treeless plot of land in the middle of the monte with one crazy mesquite sticking out of some random place. Apoco now? Dime tengo o no tengo la razon?

We didn't go to the 'ranch' this Coneja. We have a local park around the corner from our houses.
Its just as barren and treeless as those damn ranches!


Anonymous said...

I notice that recently, you have put less dedication to your blogs than usual. Where's the charisma? The funny columnist that always has something smart to say? The wittyness? Well I just want you to put in a little more effort into your writing before you start losing your readers. Starting with this one :(

delaredo said...

I lost my good readers weeks ago. You're right, I have lost focus. But don't leave! Van a dar tamales! Don't worry, it's just a slump im in. We all have them. I'll find my soul soon. Don't despair, don't get mad. Pronto voy a regresar......

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