Thursday, July 9, 2009

CarrotHead (update)

As you regular readers of my useless blog might already know, I am knee deep in the production of my first ever amateur film, "CarrotHead". I know you are prolly dying for an update regarding the status to my cinema de merde production (you know you are so stop kidding yourself please. Just drink your diet Tab and keep reading). My cast has been quietly putting together several scenes and its all starting to come-together rather incompetently nice. My horrendous script is finally coming to life and my cast, that proclaim themselves to be actors and actresses, are doing a spectacular job at being truly awful.

I dug up my Casio keyboard and I have began to compose the musical score, but I just realized that that might take more work than I previously anticipated.I might have to leave that to someone more musically inclined.

The difficult scenes are the only ones left to film, but I'm waiting on a shipment of Ragu tomato sauce to shoot the unrealistic special effects death sequences. I don't need no bleeping CGI bull Schlitz either. I'm still in need of some willing actresses (casting couch warning in effect) so if you've got the goods, drop me a line to hook up! CarrotHead should be completed by the beginning of August and it will have a limited regionally-local online only distribution. Look for it soon. See, that wasn't so bad. Thanks for reading all the way to the end. You must be really bored. Now go do something productive with your life please.

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