Aldo Tatangelo Parkway

Anytime I speak with someone that can recall the late 70's and early 80's in Laredo, the name of Aldo Tatangelo always brings a big, warm smile to their face. He is touted by many as the "chosen one", a golden and heroic figure that "brought Laredo into the twentieth century". His local legacy is that of a hard-working man that helped to modernize Laredo and break up the stronghold of the "Old patron Party". To really understand how backwards Laredo was in the mid 70's, one simple tidbit can suffice. According to Time Magazine and a Wiki Article, up to 75% of Laredo's streets were unpaved, dusty mudroads as recently as the early 80s. Talk about WTF moments! It makes you wonder how the citizens of this city put up with the bullshlitz and shenanigans of Mayor Martin and his poltical croonies.

Hanging out downtown by St. Agustine Cathedral this morning, I spotted the parkway named in Mr. Tatangelo's honor and it made me realize that I do not know much about the history of my fair city, so I decided to do some reading and learn as much about the "Old Patron" party and the events that led to their mayoral defeat in 1978. I began to try and track down a book by Fernando Pinon titled, "Patron Democracy" and I want to also get a video copy of CBS News Reports 30 minute segment by Bill Moyers on the scandal of JC Martin. It is sad but interesting learning so much about the history of my border city. As long as we keep going forward Laredo, progress is just around the corner.


BT Blues said…
Go find that info. Heaven knows we need it.
KeyRose said…
If you get that 60 Minutes video, it could be featured in another blogger meet-up this Fall.

Or we could read excerpts from the book and post 'em online.

So many ideas, so little time.
DeLaredo said…
Trying my best to find the info, yeah. Keyrose, it seems like you have it all. First you had the "Eddie Macon" vhs video, now you have this 60 minutes video, man, you must have an extensive library in your basement. Do you have OJ's bloody glove too? Lol! Great idea, lets do a blogger meet up and use this video as a discussion and launching board. Let's work out the details. We can invite the mayor, just make sure the restaurant is buffet (jiji).
KeyRose said…
No, I don't have the video, but I'm sure it would make an interesting topic for a meet-up.

Let me know if you get the video. I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

And it was because of you that I went out and bought the Eddie Macon VHS on eBay. Next thing I know I'm hosting a luncheon and getting interviewed by the local media outlet that's comparable to the New York Times, I forget their name.

Thanks again.
BT Blues said…
Then you will forget all the "little people" as you make your way to the big time, "Moving on up" as in George Jefferson lore.
Anonymous said…
You can find the 60 minutes video on youtube. This response is like 2 years too late, but it's there :D
alberto Pacho said…
alll i can rememeber about the playmore was was in elementry and we had a field trip we where taking there and let me tell u onces u go inside its like youre in another place so beautiful inside with carpets old pictur on the wall i rememeber i was trying to learn to skate that day and i got the hang of it the movie teather awsome but later it was tear down and a motel was build was its call days inn it was located about a few block from wallmart on san bernerando st we also had a drive in i got to see my first and last movie ther about bruse lee oh well those where memories thats pretty much i can remember and no sorry i never got a chance t tke pictures of the place sincerily alberto pacho

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