Grupo Payande de Gerardo Cavazos y Victor Trejo

For the past few months, I have been buying up large amounts of old tapes, vinyl, CD's and other media. I had not found much of anything of note, until a few days ago when I was rummaging through a box and came across a cool 8-track: Grupo Payande.

At first, I set it aside, not thinking much of it, other than dismissing it as a Renacimiento 74' clone. I'd never heard of them and I'd figured they must be from somewhere in Mexico, but then I took a close look at the 8 track cover art and, to my surprise, I realized this particular grupo hailed from good old Laredo, TX. After that initial surprise, I googled them and found some interesting facts on this forgotten local band. This particular 8 track is from 1983 for the CAM-Mex record label. I must say I kinda dig the sound, and I'm thinking of writing to their fan club. Maybe someone responds.  Check out some of their videos below. Let me know of any info, memories you have of the grupo from back in the day.


Did you know there's actually local bands still playing their music at local gigs?
Jay said…
Did you buy this at a music store? I wasn't aware they still sold 8-tracks. Vinyl, CDs, and sometimes cassettes, sure...but not these. Neat!
DeLaredo said…
Jay, I bought it a local flea market. It was a cool surprise. Now I am on the lookout for more of these.
DeLaredo said…
Monsi, if you know a cool local band that wants some free promotion, send them my way.

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