Thursday, June 10, 2010

LoneStar Not working

"Lone Star not Working" Damn!

Are there any words that are worse to read than those above? They crush your soul and break your spirit.

Lone Star not working! Damn.

Some people might have to get a job now.

"Lazy people not working". Ouch! Now, that sign I want to read.


Anonymous said...

more like people on lonestar NOT WORKING! lucky assholes sitting at home eating rib-eye, t-bones, NY strip streak and fajitas! While the rest of us buy ground beef in a tube and chicken by the bag! Pisses the fuck out of me! I was at HEB an in front of me lady with, i shit you not, 15 packages of steaks and 2 bags of fajitas! 4 cases of coke and 6 12pack of budlight!!! they are charged 400 bucks she fucking whips out the lonestar and then her bf/husband pulls out a wad of twentys, like if he was the mexican version of pdiddy, an paid for the beer! Here i'm in line with ramen soup, tube of ground beef and 12 pouches of "Iwishiwas" koolaid brand! turns out they parked 3 cars down...they drive a FUCKING AVALANCHE!! all tricked out nice fucking rims tv's all over the damn place! i mean the rims alone is the value of my 1986 pontiac grand am that cranks when i turn it on an keeps running long after i turned off the car! Gotta love our Government! they give till it hurts...yea hurts the hard working people!

Pepito said...

You are so right. I've seen that all the freaking time. Que pinche onda! Its not right. Get jobs ppl! Gente floja sucks.

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