Saturday, March 20, 2010

Laredo in 1961

For some reason, Laredo always seems nicer in vintage postcards. I'm not too sure why that is. Here is an example below.

1961 Comet In Front Of Sands Motor Hotel, Laredo, Texas

This is a postcard of the Sands Motor Hotel in Laredo, Texas, with a 61 Comet out front1961

This place here just seems like paradise, almost as if Frankie and the Rat Pack just finished playing there. Drive by there tonight though, and its a scary scene. Five bucks to the first person that can tell me the intersection that this is located.


NotMyFlop said...

Sands Motel changed to Quality Inn and then something else - today it's the Hacienda (in front of Popeye's on Sanbe).

That funny shaped intersecting circles pool is where I learned to swim as a kid back in the 70's.

delaredo said...

Five bucks goes to NotMyFlop! You win. Do you want that in one dollar bills or in a five dollar bill?

NotMyFlop said...

If I were to accept the award I'd ask for it in singles, that way I can pass it on more easily to others... but I digress.

Feel free to add it to donations to the library or any literary cause if you do any donating this year.

I should pay you $5 just for bringing back good memories that I was able to share with my siblings (my parents were good friends with the motel owners back in the day)

DeLaredo said...

Great idea Flop! I'll give it you in one dollar bills so that you may spread the generosity around.

Donating to a cause.., now there is an idea worth looking into.

BTW, I'm here to bring back good memories. No need to pay me...but I do take donut donations anytime.

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