Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home Remedy

It was your typical WTH (What the Heck!) moment. Don't you just love home remedies; at times they are the most effective in curing all sorts of ailments. Turns out that the boy in this picture was complaining of 'air' in his ear that was bothering him constantly. The home remedy is to construct a cone-like sphere that slightly inserts into the ear while the opposite end is lit on fire so that, somehow, it drives the 'air' out of the person's ear. I have seen this in action hundreds of times and each time it works. So, really, don't knock a home remedy, but still it seems dangerous and it seems like its just one burrito away from everyone catching on fire. Heck, I guess thats just me.


Alex said...


Too bad you didn't catch someone with a huevo

Raii ARR3AZOLA said...

jajaja its my mom jaja heyy greg that remedy realy works mom alway do that paper cone jajaja a what a good picture well gatta go now take kare primooo

salee puezz me voeee


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