Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Pix

I'm a liar and a jerk. Or so women tell me. Forgive me.

I promised you Easter pics and I meant to take a ton of them and upload them up on here. However, this Easter was so ho-hum. I did not want to let you down. No really, I didn't want to be like that boyfriend you had sophomore year that had his hands up your skirt one day and promised that he loved you, but then by the following week he was going out with Judy Galvan and everyone saw them making out behind the bleachers and it made you cry so much you vowed never to drink another Pepsi again. No, see, I'm not that guy. I let you down for my own selfish reasons of which I am not at liberty to discuss, due to certain contractual obligations.

Nonetheless, my fellow blogger, Furniture in Life, has posted a pretty neat entry about her eggs-ellent Easter. So hop on over there and read it. Just don't tell her I sent you.

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