The 80's are over

Some of you might have noticed that our sister blog, the Rad 80's, has been deleted. Unfortunetly, I was unable to provide constant updates and I simply fell behind schedule, so I did away with it. Also, it lets me focus on more pressing projects that I have scheduled for later on this month. I'll keep you posted.

I did not want to let go of my 80's blog, but it had to be done. So sad. Don't worry though, Theo Huxtable still loves you. : )


BT Blues said…
For the record: Theo Huxtable was a tool.

He was an idiot when he hung out with Cockroach but then all of a sudden he was an intellectual by the latter stages of the show, when they brought in new characters and kids once Rudy got too old and started growing a mustache.

Just sayin'
DeLaredo said…
Theo a tool? Theo is too rad to be a tool.

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